Official Mandate

Worldview will support initiatives in equitable partnership with communities, focusing on community-identified priorities related to education and health. Worldview support will be given to viable initiatives with clearly defined goals that are thoroughly budgeted, do not include recurring expenses, and are committed to positively affecting the broader community.

This mandate emerged in March 2015, after Worldview’s board evaluated the impacts of prior projects. While these projects were helpful, after deep reflection we realized that the most important work that an NGO can do is to support Tanzanian-conceived and Tanzanian owned initiatives, rather than creating our own projects which might unintentionally duplicate existing projects or services in the country.

Today, Worldview operates in very close collaboration with government entities, organizations and individuals within the Meru District to help support projects that will positively impact wider communities rather than only private individuals, and to ensure that the initiatives we support do not duplicate or undermine projects already underway in the community.