In partnership with Meru Districtís local government, Worldview is funding the expansion of the Meru District Hospital maternity ward. Meru District Hospital is a 120 bed facility serving a population of 300,000 people. The existing maternity ward at Meru District Hospital faced many challenges. It had chronic bed overcrowding where often two laboring women would have to share a bed. The building lacked a nearby surgical theatre dedicated to maternity care, which required women be transferred to another building, which delayed emergency services. In the postnatal ward, overcrowding meant that women who had delivered vaginally would have to share beds at times with women who had had c-sections, which endangered both women. Worldview has funded an expansion to the existing maternity ward, which includes a maternity-dedicated surgical theatre, pre- and post-operative care area, sterilization area, doctorsí and nursesí room. The new building is near completion!