Q: Is a donation to Worldview Education and Care tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to Worldview are tax deductible, and each donation will receive an official receipt that a donor can submit for tax purposes. Our tax ID number is 26-2232853.

Q: What kinds of projects or initiatives does Worldview support?

Worldview does not have its own projects. Rather, our organization provides financial support to Tanzanian-conceived and Tanzanian-owned projects and initiatives, most of which have already been started by Tanzanians themselves. Projects we support must have clearly defined goals, a detailed budget, and be conducted in accordance with Tanzanian laws and regulations.

Q: Do you provide scholarships to students?

No. As of 2015, the Board decided no longer to provide scholarships to students so that we could concentrate our efforts to support projects and initiatives that would have benefits for the wider community. As a result, while we continue to meet our obligations to students who received scholarships prior to 2015 to enable them to finish their education, Worldview is not providing any new scholarships.

Q: Does Worldview provide support for orphanages or children’s homes?

In Tanzania, most orphanages care for children who have at least one living parent or relative, and several have both parents living. Children in such homes are often there due to issues of poverty within the family. Per best practices as outlined by the United Nations and several other organizations (as can be seen here and here), the best long term outcomes for children who have lost a parent or are vulnerable occur when they can be supported within their own family and community structures, rather than being placed in children’s homes. As a result, Worldview no longer supports orphan care or care for other vulnerable children, and instead supports initiatives that will provide wider community benefits, which it is hoped will improve existing social, health, and educational supports for all community members.

Q: Does Worldview provide volunteering opportunities?

If you have a particular skill that you feel would be useful to assist Worldview in attracting support for our existing projects and initiatives, we welcome your ideas. You can contact us as [insert email address]. As the initiatives we support in Tanzania are operated by highly capable, committed, talented, and sufficiently-resourced Tanzanian leaders and officials, we have no need of volunteers to assist with the initiatives we support in Tanzania. If you will be in Tanzania and would like to visit one of the initiatives we assist, please let us know! We would love to show you what we’re doing.