Upendo Mejooli

Upendo Mejooli: Upendo is 29 years old, and has a 9 year old son. She says her living conditions had been really difficult and she had trouble supporting herself and her child. A TEKUA teacher encountered her in 2009 and saw her difficult living conditions, and told her about the Girls Empowerment program. The teacher and Upendo came to TEKUA together where they met Worldview Co-Founder Anna Avery. Seeing how motivated Upendo was, Anna decided Worldview should sponsor her. In 2010, Upendo studied computers and English at TEKUA together with her secondary studies. While Upendo’s national exam scores were not what she had hoped they would be, she wanted to continue to pursue studies, and was accepted into a hotel management course. Since 2012 she has been working at the Golden Rose Hotel in Arusha. With her earnings, she’s able to support herself, her child, and her parents. She encourages her son to study hard so that he can make a life for himself also. Her son loves math.